Houston Recruiting Services Ltd.


What types of positions do you place people in?

At Houston, we manage three types of positions. Temporary, Permanent and Executive Search.


Houston provides staff to our clients depending on their needs. The temporary is employed by Houston, but works at the clients site. Houston pays an hourly rate to the temporary and takes all source deductions including EI, CPP, and Federal and Provincial taxes. Assignments can range from one day to maternity leaves which are now one year.


We source the best candidates for our clients. After completing the necessary evaluations, testing, and interviewing, we present the finalists. The client then interviews the candidates and selects the best suited individual. Houston then completes all reference checking and assists with the offer process. Once a candidate has accepted an offer of employment the candidate is placed on the employers' payroll.

How do I become employed by Houston?

Houston represents office professionals on various levels. Generally, the process begins with a candidate's resume being sent to Houston in response to an advertisement. Other people will forward their resumes to be added to our database. It is best to send your resume in MS Word format.

We will retain all resumes in our database for future reference in the event that a position comes up requiring your skills. We do not place candidates in the following areas:

  • Health Care (other than medical receptionist)
  • Lawyers (other than legal assistants, paralegals and legal secretaries)

How do I register with Houston?

Please send a copy of your resume in MS Word format to mhouston@houstongrp.com and your resume will be forwarded to the correct Recruiter, or reply online to a specific web posting. All resumes emailed will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a Recruiter if they feel that they can assist in placing you. If you are not contacted, we will keep your resume in our database for future postings.

Is there a fee for registering?

No, there isn't a fee for registering with Houston. Our clients, (the employers) are the ones who pay any fees for our services. In Canada, "Applicant Paid Fees" are against the law.

What is involved in the testing procedure?

Houston has various methods of testing candidates. We offer computerized testing for Microsoft Office, data entry, keyboarding and accounting.

Are job numbers the same for each assignment?

For every assignment you will have a different job number. Please ensure that the correct number is on your timecard as this is important for invoicing. If you are unsure of a job number, please contact your Recruiter.

How can I change my address?

You may email a change of address to mhouston@houstongrp.com

Can I re-test if I have upgraded my skills?

Yes, you may make arrangements to come in for re-testing if you have had significant improvement in your skills. Please contact a Recruiter to make arrangements.

How can I reactivate with Houston?

We prefer someone to call the office to re-activate. This way we will not "miss" them. 204-947-6751

What if I don't want taxes withheld?

There are certain circumstances that allow the individual to have an increase in Federal or Provincial taxes. Other candidates may also choose to have more money deducted from his or her payroll. If you feel that you are eligible to either of these changes, please contact your Recruiter at our office and request a TD1 form. Please return the TD1 as soon as possible so we may be able to make the proper adjustments on the next payroll.

What about vacation pay?

Vacation pay of 4% is included in every pay period.

When is my timecard due?

Your timecard can be submitted here. Time cards are to be submitted here on the website before Monday noon to assure you are paid on time. It is your responsibility to ensure your time card has been approved and submitted to us before Monday noon. It is your responsibility to ensure your timecard is signed and returned to Houston by the time allowed.

What if I work overtime?

Our weekly pay periods run from Monday to Sunday. In Manitoba, overtime is paid after 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. Please contact your Recruiter for approval of overtime prior to working any additional hours. Your manager or supervisor must sign off on your timecard.

Who is able to sign off on my timecard?

You will have been given the email address of the person to whom you report on assignment. This email address is used on your time card for client approval purposes. It is very important that this is correctly noted

Will you provide a letter of earnings if I need one?

We will happily provide letters confirming earnings if given one week of notice. Please call or email your Recruiter to make arrangements.

Is all pay directly deposited to my bank account?

Yes, Houston offers direct deposit to your bank account. Please provide your banking information prior to your first assignment that you are sent to. A faxed VOID cheque or bank slip is best to ensure that banking information is accurate. Fax your cheque to 204-944-0177 to your Recruiter with your full name and address as well as your bank name and address. It is your responsibility to ensure your banking information is accurate and received on time. If we do not receive this information, this will result in you NOT BEING PAID UNTIL THE FOLLOWING PAY PERIOD.

When is the pay period?

Pay periods are the Friday following the week worked. An example would be if you worked from February 1 - 5, you will be paid on February 12 by direct deposit.

What about T4's?

We issue T4's once a year. They will be mailed by February 28th. You may pick up your T4's prior to February 28th. All T4's not picked up will be mailed on March 1. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have a current mailing address.

Who do I call about...

Payroll, Invoices, Sales and Marketing Recruitment Kevin Branch 204-997-6459
Executive Recruitment Marilyn Houston 204-997-6459
Permanent Recruitment Marilyn Houston 204-997-6459