Temporary Search Process

When you have decided to utilize Houston's Temporary Staffing Services, please call us at 947-6751, or email us at mhouston@houstongrp.com. We will work through the job description, skill requirements for the position, and match our best employee to the job description.

Why utilize our Temporary Staffing Services?

  • All temporary employees are interviewed, evaluated and reference checked.
  • You will only be charged for hours worked. Houston's Temporaries are paid on an hourly basis dependent on the level of skills required on your job site; therefore the more skills required, the higher the hourly billing rate. You pay only for actual hours worked and we make all mandatory remittances (Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation, CPP, Vacation Pay and Health and Education Tax).
  • You will be billed on a weekly basis.
  • Flexible to the employer, although we do maintain a four hour minimum.
  • Excellent for special projects.
  • Get a temporary into your office to do all the work that your full-time workers do not have the time to do! Keep your full-time staff motivated.
  • Excellent for seasonal and staffing shortages.
  • Holiday/Sick, as well as Maternity Relief.